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No New Friends

Updated: Feb 23

Yep, you read it right - No New Friends. We've been put here to make Connections !

I always thought Connecting were daunting tasks, like, they call you, you call them, try to meet twice a month, go grab coffee, wish them happy holidays, check on their children, they check on yours... on and on and on .......

What an exhausting place to come from with little satisfaction and no true power.

But there is another place to visit, with less room for disappointment, expectations and forcing relationships. This place provides space to be in and out, share and move on, link and unlink, love and be loved.

Willing to visit ? YAY, consider this ......

First, our relationship with the Most High God is the foundation for all other connections.

Second, connection is not about how many friends you have or don't have, how many people you know or don't know, but is birthed from a place of vulnerability (the mushy side of you) and the ability to listen, feel and respond to the soul of another for however long the connection last whether second, minute, hour, day, week, month, year or years . Then, TA-DA, you've made the connection :)

Last, how might you Connect this week?


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