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Did you agree to that ?

Don Miguel Ruiz Jr. in his book - The Mastery of Self is the TRUTH!

Don talks about Domestication (a system of control) and Attachment, ideas imposed on us early in life (often during childhood), that we didn't necessarily agree to.

Whether it's politics, career, religion, education, money or fear of animals, these are all attachments and things we agreed to and without our permission.

Yikes! So what Now ?

Don goes on to say "without awareness, you will adhere to ideas that aren't even true for you (as well as push them on others). Both domestication and attachment work hand in hand to keep you from being your authentic self".

Don suggest that we try not to judge or become resentful of those who initially domesticated us to those ideas, but rather see where domestication occurred and how we can break free. And if you have already spotted and released domestication in your life, this proves you have all the power you need inside you to break free again and again.


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