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I'm Offended, Now what?

Yep, I've been offended, still offended and will always be offended. By what ? People, situations and things that make me feel uncomfortable, like confrontation, manipulation, and FeedSMACK.

FeedSMACK; when you get ambushed (smacked, caught off guard) with feedback that you were not ready for. Almost like, where did that come from? Where were you holding that feeling the whole time ?

And what I learned through Pastor Keion Henderson's Message on "Don't Take the Bait" - is that offense is an opportunity not an inconvenience. WOW!!!!

Need more context ? Sure! thought you'd never ask!

Pastor Keion mentioned:

  • While in traffic and someone cuts you off. How are you being ?

  • Someone stands too close to you in line. How are you being ?

These are a few small examples of how we are offended in different ways. Yet, are we using the offense to fulfill our purpose and strengthen our focus or are we seeing the offense simply as a perversion (trap)?

I must admit, I was seeing it as a trap and a travesty. I am committed to seeing it differently now, so that I don't miss the opportunity (any opportunity). I am committed to noticing and getting responsible with offenses. And most importantly, how I am being.

What are you committed to ?

Want to hear the message yourself ? Here you go:


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