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Nothing to hide. Nothing to Prove. (The Pain, Present & Future)

Updated: Aug 15, 2022

The Pain:

I was born into a family of confusion that involved depression, domestic violence, schizophrenia, alcohol, drugs, child abuse and neglect. As a child, I used “play” to escape. I was homeless for almost 18 years of my childhood. I attended 6 different schools between elementary and middle. As for friends, I had many and did anything to keep and please them. My self-respect was taken from me at the age of 9 by a middle-aged man in my neighborhood, who sexually abused me. After being inappropriately touched, I became curious about sex at an early age and struggled with my sexuality through age 13.

By age 14, I had my first child and named him Jeremiah; God will uplift.

The Present:

Today, I am Joy, Inspiration, Sparkle, Compassion, and Sage. My purpose is to be Source and my mission is to help people See. I am a Life Coach. I am a wife of 15 years, a mother, daughter, sister, auntie, godmother, and friend. I have a coaching business, own my home and have two degrees.

Today, I am much different than my past self. I am stronger and wiser. My strengths are Communication, Developer, Positivity, Connectedness and Maximizer.

Today, the challenges I am facing is childhood trauma (not being cared for properly), to include trauma from being sexually abused as a child. All in all, I am working on healing my inner wounded child through therapy.

The Future:

The future is so bright, I need shades! Soon, I will be coaching full time. I will own a beautiful rambler style home in Raleigh, NC (with all the amenities I deserve) with my loving husband Bryant. I will be watching my children raise their own families and achieve much success. I will be booked and busy, doing speaking engagements and interviews all over the world. I will have a full management and coaching team and a few self-help books on the shelf. I will be healthy, have unspeakable joy, and mentally free. NOTHING TO HIDE. NOTHING TO PROVE. I will be SAYING IT, whatever I have to say. I will be living in my essence and honoring God’s purpose for my life. I will be truly moving my personal mission and vision forward to advance the kingdom’s agenda. In the end, I will die empty.

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