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Somebody is not going to like you, Shake it off and Step Up!

Bible teacher and Author Joyce Myers in her book "Beauty for Ashes" could not have said it better - "Sometimes we FEAR the disapproval of PEOPLE so much that we will not step up to the next level with God because we already know that someone is not going to like it. And if we try to be good, somebody will hate us for it - Joyce Meyers

Oh Wow! Straight, no chaser.

So why are you still "people pleasing", saying Yes to everything and trying to gain the attention of the world? Do you know that somebody is not going to like you, and that's ok? We are human (imperfect) therefore we are judgmental, yet don't let that hinder the journey you are on. Joyce ask that we keep our mind, will and emotions fixed on the JOY that is available through the indwelling presence of the Lord or else we will lose it (our Joy) being concerned about what everybody thinks about us.

Joyce goes on to say "Forgive the one who hurt you and pray for him. Shake off the offenses and remain faithful to the Lord. Do not let people pull you down to their level- shake it off and step up!"

So Readers, let's go into 2022 concerned about what God thinks about us. Periodt Pooh!


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