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Still waiting for Permission ? NO ONE CARES

Hey ya'll,

I'm back- as promised to share a concept that has changed what's next for me, especially after I found out I DON'T NEED PERMISSION.

Did you know permission was taught, so it's not totally our fault? Remember being taught " raise your hand if you have a question", and/or if you want more food, say please". Remember those teachings - taught by either your parents, peers or your workplace? That's right - that was learned behavior!

Guess what now ? You can unlearn it, like I am. Say: I don't need permission to be who I am, do what I do, say what I say and be who I be. Nope.

This concept is deep for me. Self Doubt - robbed me for years. All this time, I was waiting for permission i.e. cared about what people thought, what they would think about me and how I should be to please them. Those days are officially over. Sorry not sorry :)

I've included a YouTube Clip below on "Why your Purpose is your Permission" and how NO ONE CARES about your idea because they don't suppose to. Yes, you read it correctly - THEY DONT SUPPOSE TO. And the reason for that is because they don't understand their own.

WOW, oh wow.

Folks, we must stop waiting for permission and take back ownership. Your Purpose is your Permission. Let's stop seeking validation and ducking blame. Me too. Stop waiting for someone to come get you (save you), they (who ever they are) are not coming. YOU ARE - who you are waiting for.

Purpose is the "best you have" to help others. My purpose is Source. What's yours?

Not sure ? Click here :


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