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"Who can lead us in Prayer"?

Hi Friends,

First and foremost, Happy Holidays to you and yours! And if you're reading this on Wednesday November 30th, December is tomorrow. WOW !

K, let me get FOCUSED.

Prayer. When someone ask "Who can lead us in Prayer"? Does it make you nervous, like me? Do you ever wonder, am I doing it right? How long or how short? What/who do I pray for?

Well, If you're open to it, I just finished Noel Jones and Dr. Georgianna Land's book -titled Battle of the Mind and found a great way to pray, using an easy acronym called ACTS. Go ahead, Try it on !

A = Adoration or honor for God

C= Confess your sins

T= Thanksgiving and praise for what God has done

S= Supplication/Intercession (praying for the needs of others)

Super simple right? And while you're at it, pick up "Battle for the Mind" by Noel Jones and Dr. Georgianna Land. There's more where that came from !


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